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Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow

Disney Pictures 2003


One Day At Market
Blacksmith Shop
Visit From Old Friends
A New Friend
Commandeering Lessons
Sailing Lessons
New Crew
Stormy Sailing
"Reasons Have Nothing To Do With It"
"Try Not To Do Anything Stupid!"
"I Know Whose Blood You Need"
"Funny Ol' World, Innit?"
"I'm Having A Thought Here, Barbossa!"
Battle At Sea!
He's Playing My Ace!
"I Really Hoped We Were Past All This"
"The Black Pearl Is Gone!"
"What A Ship Really Is"
"Why Is The Rum Gone?!"
Aboard The Dauntless
Placing My Pawns
"Not Probable!"
"Hear Me Out, Mate!"
"All Hands To The Boats!"
"Here There Be Monsters!"
"Couldn't Resist, Mate!"
A Captain's Pride
Crimes Against The Crown
Save Me!
"He's A Pirate!"
"We've All Arrived At A Very Special Place"
My Farewell Speech
The Black Pearl Is Mine!
"Drink Up, Me Hearties! Yo Ho!"

Deleted Scenes

"It's Begun!"
"Humiliated Grapes, Really"
"Bloody, Stupid Will!"
"No Truth At All"
"How Much Rum?"
"I Love This Song!"
Heed Your Words, Jack!
Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow

Disney Pictures 2006


What Vexes Jack Sparrow
"Why Is The Rum Always Gone?"
The Tale Of Bootstrap Bill
The Man What Bears
Bugger Island
"A Resolute And Unyielding Need"
Tia Dalma
Davey Jones Visit
"Persuade Me!"
"I Do That A Lot!"
"Can't Let You Do That, William"
Swordplay At The Mill
A Key And One Wheel
A Change Of Heart
"I Got A Jar Uh Dirt!"
Captain Jack's Heart
Last Kiss
Never So Alone
Valiant Death
Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow

Disney Pictures 2007


A Crew Of One
A Rock In A Hard Place
Catch That Hallucination!
"Witty Jack Is Closer Than You Tink"
"It's Been Too Long!"
Painfully Real
"Jack, The World Needs You Back!"
"And You Need A Crew"
"What Are You Doing?!"
"Elizabeth, We're Not Back"
Conversation Between Friends
"Sundown And Rise Up!"
"I Is Arguin' The Point"
Who's A Captain To Trust?
Through The Eye Of Death
The Highest Bidder's Move
Another Debt Comes Due
Naught But One Heart Here
"That's How I Get By"
"Who Am I?!"
"Without A Single Drop Of Rum!"
"Not As Odd As This!"
"Change The Facts!"
"My Regards To Davey Jones!"
Shipwreck Island
The Fourth Brethren Court
"Not Among Us"
"Whose Boons?"
"We Must Fight To Run Away!"
"I Call On Captain Teague!"
"Not Likely"
"I Call For A Vote!"
Faith Lessons From Papa
Strand Of Long Shadows
"Listen To The Tool!"
"With Some Help"
The Problem With Kings
"First To The Finish, Then?"
All But The Chain, Luv?
Forever My Fetches And I
"I've Just Come To Get Me Effects!"
A Lost Bird
"Never Too Late To Learn, Ay?"
"I Can Set You Free, Mate!"
"Oh. That Key!"
High Flier, Straight Shooter
Taking The Fight On Deck
"Heady Tonic"
"Cruel Is A Matter Of Perspective"
For Love Alone
"Death Has A Way Of Reshuffling One's Priorities"
"It's Not Just About Living Forever, Jackie"
"The Trick Is Living With Yourself Forever"
"Keep Telling Yourself That, Darling"
"My Vessel Is Magnificent And Fierce!
"And Huge-ish and Gone!"
"Drink Up, Me Hearties! Yo Ho!"

Deleted Scenes

Two Captains, Two Sides
Two Captains, One Helm

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