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Ahoy, Mates! Welcome to What Say Ye? - the All Captain Jack Sparrow message board dedicated to the sexiest pirate of all time, Captain Jack! I hope this will provide a much needed release for all those pent-up Captain Jack emotions and feelings that have been repressed all these years! Here you will find the support group you need to bring your Captain Jack obsession to a full, rolling, roiling boil! Confirm your lordship and right to be heard! Present now your Pieces of Eight! (Means register and login, ye humble pirates. Savvy?) Join others of your ilk in sharing all things Captain Jack! ~ We're here for each other! Now, what say ye to that?!!

#26 12-28-2009 14:35:33

First Mate
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Re: My Favorite Scene

The courage of a captain and the heart of a warrior, that's Jack Sparrow!  There was one look on his face that I caught possibly because of taking a multitude of caps in each scene... when he had drawn his sword an stepped toward the Kraken's razor-toothed maw.  He looked down briefly an I had the impression he was thinking on his entire life, all the people he'd known and loved, all his dreams...  perhaps one of those your-whole-life-flashes-before-you visions, and he knew he had the choice of running but he didn't.  He couldn't as he would cease to be Jack Sparrow.  So he looks straight into the face of death brandishing his sword, welcoming the fight.  He faced his death with valor.  So much for Barbossa's claim of "Jack's well-deserved fate".  It's not possible to deprive the world of a spirit so great as Jack Sparrow!

"Couldn't resist, Mate!" ~ Captain Jack, just a bit ago...  wink  ...sigh...



#27 12-28-2009 15:48:59

Jack Blackmore
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Re: My Favorite Scene

Hear hear First Mate you describe it as I could not write down or find the right words.
He knew running away was not an option where to, ye might ask, but still going in to that mouth full of sharp teeth,  hm it did change my way of looking at Jack at that point

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