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Ahoy, Mates! Welcome to What Say Ye? - the All Captain Jack Sparrow message board dedicated to the sexiest pirate of all time, Captain Jack! I hope this will provide a much needed release for all those pent-up Captain Jack emotions and feelings that have been repressed all these years! Here you will find the support group you need to bring your Captain Jack obsession to a full, rolling, roiling boil! Confirm your lordship and right to be heard! Present now your Pieces of Eight! (Means register and login, ye humble pirates. Savvy?) Join others of your ilk in sharing all things Captain Jack! ~ We're here for each other! Now, what say ye to that?!!

#26 01-27-2009 10:58:32

Registered: 01-24-2009
Posts: 108

Re: Captain Jack Questionary

AYE! I concur!



#27 01-27-2009 13:56:48

First crewmember Emma
From: Sweden
Registered: 01-16-2009
Posts: 525

Re: Captain Jack Questionary

Mrs. Sparrow wrote:

First crewmember Emma wrote:

Ah! so that is how he do it! ofcourse smile

Aye, after all, who is he? Captain Jack Sparrow! And we're obvioulsy making him quite busy, he he! What a buch of wicked wenches are we, aye? tongue But he knew that "one day we won't be able to resist", so...

Quite busy indeed wink We are some real nasty girls... that we are tongue
Resist? me? *looks around* ofcourse not. hehe...

"One word love: curiosity." ~ Captain Jack Sparrow



#28 01-27-2009 14:35:51

Registered: 01-24-2009
Posts: 108

Re: Captain Jack Questionary

There be no room for resistin' the hot Captain aboard this ship.. wink



#29 01-27-2009 14:43:04

Mrs. Sparrow
Registered: 01-22-2009
Posts: 663

Re: Captain Jack Questionary

Aye, that'd even be completely senseless, useless and pointless.

"The only rules that matter are these: what a man can do and what a man can't do." ~ Captain Jack Sparrow



#30 12-11-2010 21:03:28

From: Aboard The Black Pearl w/ CJS
Registered: 11-21-2010
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Re: Captain Jack Questionary

Describe Captain Jack in 3 words!
charming, intelligent, sexy.

Fave POTC scenes:
COTBP: the Blacksmith Shop scene (the fight)
DMC: Jar Of Dirt scene
AWE: Multiple Jacks scene

Fave things about his appearance:
1. his pretty face
2. his smile
3. his intelligence

Fave things about his personality:
1. talking himself out of the situations (rather than fight, lol!)
2. always remaining an optimist
3. being able to forgive

If you were thrown into the jail together with Cap'n Jack, what would you do?
Get the keys, unlock the cell then sail away on The Black Pearl with him!

I had waited a lifetime lost on the open sea

Praying for an angel to be sent to me



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